Visa Account Updater

FAQ’s Visa Account Updater


What does VAU do?

VAU enables the electronic exchange of updated card information, including card number, expiration date changes and card closures, among participating merchants and CJFCU.

How does this benefit me?

If you have a recurring payment set up with a participating merchant your card information will be automatically updated when your renewal card is issued or a request for reissue is made. You will not have to call a participating merchant to update your information. You will not have any lapse in memberships or subscriptions due to outdated card information.

Does VUA provide cardholder name or address changes?

No. VAU supports:

  • Card number and expiration date changes
  • Card closure (lost/stolen or fraud)

What if I want to opt-out?

You will be able to opt out of VUA by completing a VUA opt out form and returning it to CJFCU. Once received, Opt out requests may take up to three (3) business days to complete. The form can be obtained by calling the Credit Union at 732-634-0600.

What if I get a new card number?

If you receive a new card number and want the card to be opted-out of VAU you will need to fill out a new opt-out form and return it to the credit union. Each card number needs a form.

Is there a list of Participating Merchants?

At this time Visa has not provided a list of participating merchants available to our cardholders. You will need to ask the merchant if the service is provided.