Overdraft Protection

Avoid the expense and inconvenience of overdrafts with Overdraft Protection from Central Jersey FCU.

Overdraft Protection links your savings account(s) to your checking account. If a check or a debit is presented for payment and the funds are not available in your checking account, the credit union will automatically transfer the funds from your savings account into your checking (up to your available balance) to avoid the check/debit from being returned unpaid and incurring an NSF fee. With this option, each member is allowed a limit of 6* automatic savings to checking transfers per month. After 6, you are responsible for ensuring the funds are in your checking account prior to authorizing any further debits. Transfers not done automatically, (i.e. Online Banking, Telephone Teller, in-person or over the phone) are not included in the 6 transfers per month. These transfers are free of charge to all our members.

To enroll in Overdraft Protection, contact the credit union (732-634-0600) and speak with a Member Service Representative today.

*only 6 automatic withdrawals of any kind are permitted from a savings account per month, including transfers and debits

Another overdraft protection option offered by CJFCU for checking account holders is an Overdraft Line of Credit