• Defying Deception: Protect Yourself from Financial Scams - In today’s digital world, financial predators could be lurking around every virtual corner. Scammers live to prey on our deepest fears and capitalize on our resulting panic. Whether it’s a fraudulent email claiming your credit union account has been compromised or a phone call insisting you owe unpaid taxes, fraudsters employ the same psychological tactics […]
  • When in doubt, check it out. ask yourself these questions before you share any information. is the date current? has the image been altered? are all the fact accurate? Check sources and articles by using fact-checking websites before posting or forwarding any information. When in Doubt, Check it Out! -
  • The Not-So-Scary Side of Debt Consolidation - Most people are familiar with the term “debt consolidation,” but they might not understand exactly what it means. Yes, it’s a way to reduce debt and pay less interest; however, the term itself can be intimidating. Often, members feel the process is too involved, or they’re confused about the benefits. Not to worry. We’re here […]
  • Cultivating Money Skills for Kids of All Ages - As a parent, you are the most significant influence on your children’s financial habits, now and later in life. Providing a good example and helping them set healthy money habits now will set them up for success in the future. Teaching your children about finances is not as complicated as it may initially seem – […]
  • Crafting Financial Goals for the New Year & Beyond - Crafting Financial Goals for the New Year & Beyond New Year’s Day marks one of the most popular moments when it comes to setting goals. Resolutions allow you to start the year off with personal improvement on your mind, giving you something to strive for in the months ahead. One of the most popular goals […]