Online Banking Update


Security measures have been implemented to access online and mobile banking. Our Member Service team is available to answer your questions and to assist you with this important update. Contact a representative at 732-634-0600 option 0.


CJFCU proactively strives and invests in security to protect our members from potential risk. As of January 22, 2020, there are no longer security questions or a mobile secret attached to your online or mobile banking. Instead, upon every login a verification Login Code will be sent by your choice of either email or text message. There is no change to your username or password.

With the addition of the Login Code, you will still have two ways to login into the mobile application.

  • Username
  • Password

The Second is with the options of Biometrics.

  • fingerprint or face recognition (The user will not be asked to enter a code if using this method)


Q: Can the member enter an email or cell number that is different than what the core has?
A: No, there is no freeform entering of the cell number or email address
Q: What about Biometrics? Can I still use that function?
A: Yes. The user will still be able to use the Biometrics (fingerprint or face recognition). This login process has not change with this update. The user will not be asked to enter a code if using this method.
Q: Is the code case sensitive?
A: No.
Q: Can you copy and paste the code into the field?
A: Yes.
Q: Can you request a new code during the login process?
A: Yes, the user can request a new code and even select a different method than the first choice. However, once a new code is requested the old code will no longer work.
Q: Why do I not get a choice of method to send the code?
A: The user only has one method on file in the core. The user can either continue the login process or add the email or mobile number under the Account Settings area or the Financial Institution can add the information to the core on the user’s profile.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call a Member Service Representative at 732-634-0600