Visa Debit Cards

We offer a Free VISA Debit Card to all members with an active checking account*. With CJFCU’s Visa Debit Card you can:

Withdraw money from your savings or checking account at over 30,000 surcharge-free ATM’s with:


 Report Your Card Lost/Stolen: Activate Your New Debit Card: File a Dispute for a Transaction on your Debit Card:

International: 812-647-9794  

866-619-0245 800-808-6402  

(Monday – Friday, 8 A.M. to 8 P.M.)

Let CJFCU know if you plan to make purchases outside of New Jersey!

For your protection, purchases made on your CJFCU Debit or Platinum Credit Card outside of New Jersey may be blocked to help prevent fraud. If you’re planning to leave the state, be sure to notify the credit union before you leave by calling 732.634.0600. Let us know when and where you will be going and we will add a travel message to your card account. This lets our fraud department know you are traveling when any “out of the usual” activity appears on your card to avoid any unnecessary card declines.

Fraud Detection Service:

In our continuing efforts to keep your accounts secure, we monitor activity for potential fraud connected to our debit/credit cards. From time to time, you may be contacted via automated call or SMS message to confirm your card activity. These communications will NEVER ask you for PIN data, full card number or full social security number data. This service is monitoring accounts for potential fraud 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Foreign Country Debit Card Blocks:

Due to an increase in fraudulent foreign ATM and debit card transactions, CJFCU has blocked debit cards from being used in the following countries:

 Belguim Italy Singapore
Bulgaria Kyrgyzstan Spain
China Luxembourg South Korea
Cuba Mexico Switzerland
Egypt Netherlands Syrian Arab Republic
Hungary New Zealand Thailand
India North Korea United Kingdom
Indonesia Romania Vietnam
Iran Russia

If you are planning on traveling to any of these countries, or are making any online purchases from these countries, please contact the credit union (in advance) during regular business hours at (732) 634-0600 to see if accommodations can be made for you.

Pay for purchases directly out of your CJFCU checking account worldwide wherever VISA is accepted. Use your CJFCU Debit Card in place of writing a check for all your purchases!


Contact the credit union at (732) 634-0600 and speak with a Member Service Representative to request your Visa Debit Card.

*CJFCU accounts must be in good standing. The card is the property of CJFCU. CJFCU has the right to cancel your card at any time with or without written notice to you. You may cancel your CJFCU card whenever you choose by returning the card to CJFCU.