About Us

History of Central Jersey Federal Credit Union:

Central Jersey Federal Credit Union, originally known as Middlesex County Teachers Federal Credit Union, began its charter in 1936, two years after the Federal Credit Union Act was signed and passed into law by President Roosevelt. A small group of Perth Amboy teachers pooled their skills and volunteered their services to bring to the teachers and school personnel of Middlesex County the new philosophy of a credit union. At the credit union’s first annual meeting on January 21, 1937, the credit union had assets of $5,773.99, 174 members, and a staff of three.

In March of 1986, Middlesex County Teachers Federal Credit Union celebrated its 50’th Anniversary. The credit unions assets had grown to over two million dollars, and a membership of 2,157. It was decided that year to change the name of the credit union to Central Jersey Federal Credit Union, to reflect our growth to a broader-based membership.

Today, CJFCU has grown to serve not only Middlesex County teachers, but over 10,000 members from Select Employee Group’s (or SEG’s) throughout Middlesex County, including not only Boards of Education, but private companies and organizations as well.

CJFCU is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, which means all earnings at the end of the year are returned to our members in the form of better, low-cost financial services. We help our members meet their financial goals by providing exceptional member service, along with quality financial products and our uncompromising dedication and commitment to our members.

CJFCU takes great pride in the products and services we offer to our membership, and still believes, like it did back at the beginning in 1936, in the “once a member, always a member” credit union philosophy.

Who We are at Central Jersey Federal Credit Union:

Unlike a bank, which has to answer to its’ shareholders, Central Jersey Federal Credit Union (like all federal credit unions) is a not-for-profit full-service financial institution, with a Board of Directors elected by you, the member. Each officer of the Board of Directors is also a member of the credit union, who volunteer their time and services. The Board of Directors set policies and develop long-term strategic planning for the successful future of CJFCU.