Gold Share Draft Account:

Take control of your finances today with an easy-to-use and conveniently accessible CJFCU Gold Share Draft Account. Our Gold Share Draft Account helps you simplify the process of making purchases, automatic deposits, paying bills, transferring funds and more. It's perfect for your essential financial needs, and did we mention there’s No Monthly Service Fee?

Enjoy the convenience and benefits of a Gold Share Draft Account:

1st Choice Checking:

Are you between the ages of 18 and 25*** and ready to open your first checking account? If your answer is “YES”, then a CJFCU 1st Choice Checking Account is the account for you! This checking account gives you all the tools you need to manage your finances, including:

It's the perfect account for your financial needs, and did we mention there’s No Monthly Service Fee?  

Basic Share Draft Account:

If a Gold Share Draft or 1st Choice Checking Account do not seem like the right fit for you, then consider our Basic Share Draft Account. For a small monthly fee of only $2.95 you can still enjoy:

* Required Services

**only 6 automatic withdrawals of any kind are permitted from a savings account per month, including transfers and debits

*** At the age of 26 the 1st Choice checking account will be converted to a Basic or Gold checking account, based on the credit union’s standard terms


Don't Forget to Order Your Checks!

We know there are many companies offering check printing services today, but your choice should always be CJFCU!  

Ordering checks from your credit union will ensure that all the important information encoded on your check is correct – and avoid possible processing delays or un-necessary returns.
To see the many different check styles offered, click the “Reorder Checks” link located under “CJFCU at a Glance” to access Harland Clarke, and then select “Browse our Catalog”. For re-orders, click the style you want to order and complete the order process. For first time orders, speak with a Member Service Representative who will be more than happy to help you with your request.
If you decide to order your checks through another company, prior to placing that order we recommend you contact the credit union and verify your account information to ensure accuracy.

 Checking Switch Kit

CJFCU makes switching your checking account from another financial institution to a CJFCU Free Checking Account simple with our downloadable Switch Kit. There are two ways to switch your checking account to CJFCU:

  • Let us do it for you. Complete our Deposit/Payment Worksheet (Step 2) and bring it with you to one of our branches. A member service representative will complete your letters for you while you wait. Simply sign them, and we will mail them for you.
  • Do it yourself. Simply follow all the steps below, print out your letters, and mail them.     
    1. Switch Kit Information/Instructions
    2. Deposit/Payment Worksheet
    3. Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
    4. Automatic Payment Cancellation Form
    5. Automatic Payment Transfer Form
    6. Request to Close Account(s) Form    

Please note that checking accounts with no activity for 6 months will be closed. All debit cards associated with that account will be blocked at the time of closing.